Travel Services

Through our customized guided tours, our clients experience the thrill of Sicily through a variety of activities that are tailored to their tastes and schedules. Unlike travel agents, who specialize in transporting you to your Sicilian destination, we are on-the-ground experts. We personally know Sicily’s farmers, chefs, producers, and wineries. We have also visited Sicily’s national parks, skied the slopes of Etna, dived the island’s grottos, biked the mountainous wild game reserves and sailed the Sicilian seas. Therefore, we are uniquely qualified to bring you the most unique experiences that Sicily has to offer.
Because we accompany clients from their arrival to their departure in Sicily, our guided tours can last anywhere from one to three weeks, with the average tour lasting one week. On request, we can offer our services for 2-3 days. There is not a minimum number of guests for our guided tours, however we suggest at least four people.
Tesori of Sicily will arrange for all rentals during the guided tour (e.g. car, truck, hotel, villa) and will book all activities in advance of your arrival so that your vacation time will be maximized. We speak English, Italian and Sicilian.

Special Events
Because Sicily is a desired location for weddings, we offer a selection of villas, castles and other exclusive locations for your wedding ceremony and celebration. We will take care of all the details -- location rental, flowers, photographer, a prestigious chef, and a reception catered with authentic Sicilian cuisine -- so that you will have the unforgettable storybook wedding you have always dreamed of. As we organize, you will have the opportunity to continuously follow our progress through our weekly updates.

Family Reunions
If you have Sicilian roots, we can help you meet your Sicilian family. Through geneological research, we will trace your origins and help locate living relatives in Sicily. We can then organize a family reunion to help you meet them in an intimate and festive setting. Let Tesori help you rediscover the joy of family!

Tour Options
If you would like to be personally guided through Sicily on an unforgettable experience, please review the tour options below and then give us a call (see the Contacts Page) so that we can customize a tour based on your tastes and schedule:

The Natural Wonders of Sicily
The Tastes of Sicily
Local Artisan Visits
The Wine Trail

The Natural Wonders of Sicily: Let us take you to the Sicily’s most majestic places, not included in tours offered by travel agencies.

The Tastes of Sicily: Whether you are a professional chef or you simply have gourmet tastes, we can show you what’s happening in Sicily’s most revered kitchens. We can bring you to the most authentic restaurants, not listed in travel guides – places where Sicilians go for the most delectable meals!

Agriturismi: Family-run farms, agriturismi offer lodging and home-cooked meals featuring farm-picked produce. An “agriturismo” is wonderful way to experience the best of Sicilian hospitality, tradition and cuisine, all in the relaxing ambience of the Sicilian countryside. You will come to know what it truly means to live like a Sicilian!

Local Artisan Visits: Let us take you on a tour to taste authentic Sicilian products in the hidden locations where they are produced. From beekeepers to maestro’s of gelato, we will introduce you to Italy’s most respected artisans who will demonstrate their craft to you in a one-on-one visit.

The Wine Trail: If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place! Whereas most travel guides provide the location of a few of the most well-known wineries, we will organize your visits to the real gems in Sicilian winemaking, personally introducing you to the owners of the winery and arranging for a personal tour through their facilities and cellars. After visiting Sicily’s wineries, you’ll be turned on to a whole new world of wine!