As proud Sicilians, we founded Tesori because we have a deep desire for people to discover Sicily and its products. We are professionals with a passion for our work and our beloved island, and from our offices in California and Palermo, we service clients all over the world who seek a direct source for Sicily.

Chiara Di Geronimo

Chiara was born in Switzerland, grew up in New York and completed her studies in the U.S. and London. Her mother's Sicilian origins brought the two back to Sicily almost every year to visit family, and it was from these trips that the young Chiara developed an innate bond with the island. As an adult, she continued visiting Sicily, deepening her connection with its people, dialect, folklore, music, food, lifestyle and daily life.
Chiara co-founded Tesori of Sicily with her cousin David with the objective to create a company that promotes the Sicilian lifestyle, from food to travel, and with the firm belief that "to know Sicily is to love it and be unable to live without it"!

David Flaccomio

Born in Palermo, David resides in the enchanting seaside village of Cefalu', a medieval suburb on the Northern coast of Sicily. At an early age, he acquired a sophisticated palate, a knack for hospitality and an instinct for tourism, all developed in Cefalu', where his Sicilian father and French mother owned a bed and breakfast, restaurant and night club for many years.
It was in the atmosphere of the family businesses that David interacted with travelers from all over the world who unanimously sang the praises of Sicily's food, wines, people and archeology.

Through the eyes of these world travelers, David came to recognize Sicily as a special place in the world and was inspired to help others come to know his native land. After law school in Palermo, David co-founded Tesori of Sicily in order to help bring the best of Sicily to the world.